Do we maintain the abuse and continue to abuse others?

Hurt people, hurt people. So I’ve heard. I am not a psychologist nor a sociologist. I HAVE read quite extensively on Borderline Personality Behavior and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I was diagnosed professionally as BPD 3 years ago. I’ve been BPD for all my life I believe. 


My question is, why do we continue to abuse others in various other ways that are clearly a reflection of our own Narc Abuse?



He totally tried to act like nothing even has happened in the past few weeks. He called me “honey” and actually started “checking in” via text and shit. I’m like “dude – wtf are you on???? cuz i don’t know where you been bro but i been right here watching you act crazy and NOW LOOK AT YOU!” mf is on a roll!!!!

so today though he changed it back up – hahaha