I’m Nikki

I’m an extremely unique woman who also suffers (at times), from Borderline Personality Disorder. This DOES NOT define who I am. I’m a combination of various layers of wonderful that HAS to be experienced to be believed.

I’m feisty, outspoken, real, and talented. I was born on the Northeast Coast in the 70’s and moved quite a bit around the country. I’m still somewhat of a Rolling Stone, if you will, because I am still on a journey I suppose. “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost”, as they say. I have settled a bit in Seattle, WA however. This place is magic.

I’ve been singing all my life and music is a major necessity in my life. I’m a huge cat lover. I know how to use style, color, design, and lighting (on a budget too!), to turn any living space into a comfortable and classy environment. I have a great eye for detail.

I’m often misunderstood due to people not really being able to read me very well. Which bothers me less and less each passing year. I understand what true loyalty is and when you break it, consider mine broken as well. Things just aren’t the same again. I do though, give the benefit of the doubt to those who deserve it and I try to see things and people from different perspectives. Even though I tend to be judgmental at times too.

I’m addicted to lip balms, body lotions, and shampoos.


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